Top 5 Health Benefits of Protein Foods

Health is the ability of human being to face the physical and mental challenges of diseases to prevent them from affecting the body of an individual. In 1984, the definition of health was revised by WHO “The extent to which an individual or group is able to realize aspiration and satisfy needs and to change or to cope with the environment, in a natural phenomenon that an individual wants to become healthy and fit.
It is a mandatory duty of an individual to pay attention towards his balanced diet which must be nutritious and full of proteins. Protein is the major source of energy for our body. During starvation or weight loss program, the body uses its own functional proteins in order to compensate as the body does not store extra protein. The enzymes and muscle proteins breakdown to yield amino acids to provide energy and ensure its continuous supply to the cells. Protein is very essential for smooth functioning of each part of our body; few of its benefits are given below.

Provides muscular strength

The foremost function of proteins is muscular growth as they are present in the muscular tissues in the form of microfilaments and form muscle structure. If you are aiming to achieve ripped and rugged body packed with muscles, you should increase your protein intake as the growth of muscular tissues depends on the efficiency of protein in the body.

Builds strong immune system

Proteins are responsible for the stronger immune system. In the process of self-defence, antibodies protect the body from various infections and disease. These antibodies are actually proteins which are capable of finding the foreign bodies called antigens and destroying them.

Protects nervous system

Protein is an essential nutrition for regular functioning of nervous system. As you all know that the nervous system provides responsive signals whenever it is triggered, however, only some of you know that the receptor sites in the nervous system comprise of proteins and are responsible for the prompt reaction. Thus adding proteins to your diet would lead to the smooth transmission of signals within the cells and control the functioning of the nervous system.

Radiant and glowing skin

Protein plays an important role for strengthening of various tissues. A fibrous protein named collagen is quite beneficial for the growth of cells and tissues which are responsible for skin revitalization. The deficiency of collagen protein makes skin dull and causes wrinkles.

Strong and shiny hair

For smooth and healthy hair, proteins are recommended to be taken in any form as they prevent the hair from damage and also strengthen the growth.

Protein needed by human body

Human body needs an appropriate diet of protein to stay fit. Our protein needs vary as per our lifestyle and the energy we burn in our daily routine. An athlete’s protein need would definitely be higher than a common man. Same is the case with a male and a female. Their protein requirement also differs. The standard protein intake suggested by USDA for adults with average weight is 56 grams daily for male and 46 grams daily for female.

The aforesaid figures are based on a simple calculation that says you should take 0.36 grams of protein for each pound your body weighs. Having your every meal filled with 30% percent of protein foods is the key to a healthy body. Dieticians also recommend frequent protein diets instead having a large serving in a single meal.

Human body never allows it to store the protein, so keeping frequent tiny protein diets not only keep you energized for the whole day but also maintain your blood sugar level. You can also choose to go with the protein shakes if your regular foods are not able to supply enough protein to your body. But remember to select the best and clinically certified protein supplements to avoid the circumstances of any side effects.


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