This Simple Exercise Removes Back and Belly Fat in no Time!

You won’t believe that you can achieve total body transformation in only 4 minutes with the help of this single exercise. Moreover, by doing this exercise for 28 days you will increase your strength and endurance, and you will also lower body fat. People who have been doing it claim that within 20 days, the definition of their abs and arms became visible.

The name of the exercise is The Plank Challenge and it involves 20 to 45 seconds of planking daily for the first week, all the way up to 3 to 4 minutes by week 4.

How to do it

During the first two days, hold the plank for 20 seconds and built that up to 30 seconds on the 3rd and 4th day. On the 5th day, hold it for 40 seconds. On the 6th day, make a pause. On the 7th and 8th day, hold for 45 seconds and during the 9th to 11th day, hold for a whole minute.

On the 12th day, plank for 90 seconds. Pause on the 13th day. On the 14th and 15th day, resume with 90 seconds. Aim for 120 seconds during the 16th and 17th day. During the 18th day, plank for 150 seconds. Pause at the 19th day. Hold the plank for 150 seconds on the 20th and 21st day, while you should hold the plank for 180 seconds on the 22nd and 23rd day.

During the 24th day, hold the position for 210 seconds. Day 25 should be your day off, and on the 26th day, hold for another 210 seconds. On the 27th day, hold for 240 seconds and on the 28th day, plank for as long as you can.

How does it work?

Planking is a full workout for the body as the muscles you use to maintain the position are located in several parts of the body. Never stop once you’re done with the challenge. Moreover, continue to fit as much as planking as you can during the day to benefit from this exercise as much as possible.


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