This Is How You Can Treat Back and Neck Pain Once and for All!

Back and neck pain can be a consequence of a lot of factors like strained muscles, some diseases, injuries, spinal stenosis, etc. In 85% of the time, back pain cannot be specifically diagnosed even with the most sophisticated diagnostic methods. The pain can be acute and last for a month or so and then go away on its own without any need for treatment. But, there are cases when the pain becomes chronic and needs additional testing and proper treatment.

In a lot of cases, carrying heavy things and improper posture can cause back and neck pain, as well as a feeling of stiffness in the shoulders and muscle tiredness.

How to improve your back’s health

Firstly, you should definitely include appropriate exercises and not lead a sedentary lifestyle as sitting is known to weaken the spinal muscles and cause back ache.

Secondly, you should invest in a quality mattress and replace the old one with a new one every 5 years. This will significantly better your overall quality of life and reduce the amount of back pain.

Thirdly, avoid sleeping on your stomach because this is not good for your neck and back.

Fourthly, it’s advisable to hike or walk 30 minutes per day, if possible.

Fifthly, you should avoid lifting heavy objects since this practice can cause serious problems with your back and neck. However, when you need to lift something heavy, you should know how to do that properly. That is, you should bend the knees and crouch and then take the object. This will ease the lifting significantly.

Shoulder pain

As previously mentioned, shoulder pain is also very common and it can be caused by: stretching, dislocation, stiffness, bone fractures in the hands, etc. Neck pain can also be acute or chronic. The contributing factors are poor sitting posture, lack of physical activity, prolonged sitting, and inadequate sleeping posture.

How to naturally alleviate back and neck pain

You should try out hot or cold compresses onto the painful area and repeat the procedure every 2 to 3 hours. Exercise the neck and back daily to lower the pain and strengthen the back and neck muscles. Another great way to reduce the pain is a massage from a professionally trained masseur.

Furthermore, you should buy a more quality pillow like memory foam or feather pillow that adapts to the shape of the neck and head. Avoid using high pillows as they are known to cause neck pain. Last but not least, make sure you reduce the amount of stress in your life because stress contributes to the stiffness and pain in the neck and back. One good way to do this is to relax through meditation or yoga.


Source: The health guide

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