Things You Surely Didn’t Know About The Use Of Aspirin

It is common knowledge that Aspirin is used whenever we have flu, headache or a cold, but not many people know that this medicine can also be used in many different, but extremely practical ways. Here we will discuss some of those ways and make you better acquainted with this popular medicine and painkiller.

Reviving of your plants

Add some crushed aspirin to the water used on your plants to avoid their wilting and prolong their lives.

Restoration of your natural hair colour

Mix eight tablets of aspirin in a cup of warm water, massage your scalp with it and leave it for 15 minutes. It will help you get back to your natural hair colour more quickly.

Removes sweat stains

If you crush two tablets in a half cup of warm water, soak your shirt in it and leave it for about 2 hours before washing it, it will help you remove perspiration stains.


Skin revitalization

Crush 5 tablets of aspirin, mix it with a teaspoon of pure honey and about a quarter cup of clean water, then apply the paste to your face, leaving it there for 10 minutes. Rinse the paste from your face using warm water. You can also use the paste on your pimples to help them dry.


Helping with insect bites

Aspirin can help you relieve irritation caused by insect bites if you apply water to the area and then rub on some crushed aspirin. It works instantly!


Cleaning utensils

To clean greasy utensils, mix crushed aspirin with lemon juice and apply the solution to the greasy pots.


Dandruff treatment

If you mix two crushed tablets of aspirin with your neutral shampoo and leave the solution on your hair for a couple of minutes before washing it, it will reduce the dryness of your scalp, thus helping you get rid of dandruff problems.


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