Six Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in just Four Weeks

Having the body you’ve always dreamed of isn’t an easy task. However, when you are persistent enough, you can achieve your goal. In order to do this, along with following a healthy diet, you need to start exercising. For that purpose, below, you have 6 exercises that will completely transform your body in only 30 days!

What’s more, you needn’t go to the gym or buy some special, expensive equipment. You can do the exercises at the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look:


Prop yourself on the elbows, forearms, and forefeet, and hold the back straight. You shouldn’t raise the buttock or lower the waist. While in this position, you’re toning the arm muscles, the abs, the back, and the anterior thigh muscles.


From the plank position, just push yourself upward with the arms and hold the legs, back, and buttock in straight line. Afterwards, go back to the primary position. This exercise focuses on the abdominal muscles and the arms.


Stand on your soles with the feel shoulder-width apart. Begin as if you’re slowly sitting down on a low, imaginary chair. The feet and knees should be forming a straight line. Stretch the arms in front of the body for better balance. When you’re down, push yourself up gradually.

Thigh and buttock muscles

Stand on the knees and hands and stretch one leg and an opposite arm simultaneously. Maintain the leg straight. Repeat the same with the other leg and arm.

Abdominal exercise

Lie on your back and stretch the arms. Slowly, lift the left leg and bent it at the knee. Touch it with your right hand. Repeat the same with the right leg and left arm.

Abdominal muscles and buttock

Prop on the feet and hands and create a triangle above the floor. Next, lift one leg as high as you can, and then slowly lower it down so that the knee touches the tip of your nose. Repeat the same with the other leg.

This 4-week plan will help you tone your whole body:

First week

Every day, for 6 days, do:

 2 minute planks

1 minute push-ups

1 minute abdominal exercise and thighs

1 minute abdominal exercise

1 minute abdominal exercise and buttock

1 minute waist

2 minute planks

Pause for 10 seconds between exercises

Second week

In the following six days, alternate these sets

Set 1

3 minute planks

3 minute abdominal exercise

3 minute thighs and buttock

Pause for 15 seconds between exercises

Set 2

3 minute waist

3 minute push-ups

3 minute abdominal exercise and buttock

Pause for 15 seconds between exercises

Third week

Repeat from first week.

Fourth week

Repeat from second week.

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