Remedy For High Blood Pressure That Works

For high blood pressure put your feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. This will relax your body and you will be prepared for the next step.

To immediately lower the blood pressure you need lemon and mineral water.


  1. Cut the the lemon
  2. Put the mineral water inside glass
  3. Squeeze the lemon inside ( use one lemon per 1 glass of water )
  4. Mix everything inside glass

Lemon, mineral water along with warm foot bath will considerably lower your blood pressure and will do it very fast, like in couple of minutes.

If you have high blood pressure also avoid:

  • Salt
  • Sweet jams and jellies
  • Can food
  • Tomato paste and ketchup
  • Sweet cookies
  • Any kind of alcohol

Sugar and salt elevate high blood pressure – never use them or avoid those ingredients. Relax – if you get nervous your blood pressure would go up. We know you have a lot of  bills and the life is tough, but try to relax. Doing yoga also will help you with blood pressure.


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