This Is How to Reduce High Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes without the Use of Drugs

Unfortunately, in today’s world, a large part of the population struggles with high blood pressure, which is usually associated with obesity, lack of sleep, excessive stress, excessive intake of alcohol, excessive consumption of salty foods, and smoking.

After a strenuous physical exercise or too much stress, the muscles may strain and the blood vessels may constrict, thus, causing an increase in the blood pressure. In order to reduce it, you need to relax the muscles.

Lu Hens, the doctor of the Moscow football club Spartak shared a secret natural remedy which has long been a part of Chinese medicine. Apparently, this method can successfully lower high blood pressure within 5 minutes.

According to Chinese medicine, blood stagnation in some part of the body can be the main reason for some illness, and vice versa, when the blood flow is balanced, the body will quickly resolve the problem.

Hence, the method for reducing high blood pressure is massaging specific body points in order to bring immediate relief. These are the two areas:

  1. This point is located behind the earlobe and goes to the middle of the clavicle. Slowly, massage the area with the tips of the fingers, from the top to the bottom. Repeat this massage 10 times on both sides.
  2. This point is located near the earlobe, half a cm from the ear, toward the nose. Apply a gentle pressure onto the area for a minute with the tips of your fingers, on both sides.

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