How To Prevent Eye Strain When Using Computers

If we begin to think how many hours we spent in front of the computer screen or TV, we really astound. And this brings red eyes

Today, millions of people work at least a third of their day looking at a screen with little natural light and they are enclosed in an office. These are the main reasons for eye problems. However, you can prevent red eye by overusing computer following some recommendations.

The use of the computer and eyestrain
Under normal conditions, a human blinks 18 times per minute, as demonstrated in several studies. However, while you are at a computer, this movement is halved, either by working, reading, playing or watching a movie.

On the other hand, it is true that the conditions in which they spend their days when they are adult are not the best to protect their vision and overall health. For example, inadequate rest can bring as a consequence irritated eyes, because you can not replace the daily fatigue.

What to do to prevent red eye by using the PC?
Here are some tips to keep in mind to combat redness, burning, or dryness from staring at the computer screen or television every day:

Blink for one minute with constant repetitions, pauses.
Do not strain your eyes looking at a screen for a long time. Close your eyes for a minute at least once per hour.

Use the 10-10-10 rule: Every 10 minutes, 10 meters away from the PC for 10 seconds for your eyes to adjust to the “long distance”.

Adjust the screen settings to make it look more opaque and make it easy to read and spend hours in front of it. Beware of extremes: neither too bright nor too dark. Just to compare with the ambient brightness.

Get away from the screen between 15 and 25 cm, especially for reading texts. If necessary, enlarge the font size and color contrast to allow better vision without eye strain.

Use fewer hours in front of your PC: maybe some people may say this is impossible according to the type of job they have, however, you need to be more efficient and instead of spending five minutes reading an email, move faster and finish in two minutes. Another good option is to print long texts and read them on paper next to the window or at lunch time outdoors.

Home remedies for eye redness
There are two recipes that can be used to prevent eye irritation from drying or by the use of the PC :

Tea bags : make a tea bag and let cool, then place over closed eyes, ie the eyelids. You can also put a cotton soaked in the infusion. It is a natural refreshing.

Slices of boiled carrot : Cool and frost carrot to be placed on eyelids. It is a decongestant-inflammatory and helps eliminate discomfort quickly.


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