How To Make Kombucha Tea an Natural Fermented Probiotic – Elixit of Your Health and Beauty

Numerous societies have studied this astonishing mixture, Kombucha and connected it to their wellbeing regiments, from Russia to China, and early Europe. Through its fermenting, it normally carbonates and makes an invigorating and fizzy sound beverage! Try drinking this tea once a day. It is anything but difficult to make it at home!

The benefits of Kombucha
Kombucha is natural, solid fermented refreshment loaded with astounding amino acids, probiotics and crucial minerals. Anti-infection agents destroy all of the microorganisms in your body however probiotics re-set up the common nature and request of the intestinal framework. Probiotics are accepted to improve immunity, state of mind enhancer, fight hypersensitivities, detoxify the body and free the assortment of infection.

But Kombucha is not a panacea. It does not cure diseases it basically brings the body once again into equalization so that it may recuperate itself actually. That is the key to how this drink has the capacity do as such much — it goes with and bolsters your body’s common invulnerable framework. These are the health benefits of Kombucha:

1. Helps in the detoxification of the liver
2. Alkalizes your body
3. Boosts digestion
4. Increases metabolism
5. Gives energy
6. Reduces the size of the kidney stones
7. Lowers glucose levels
8. It is rich in antioxidants
9. Helps in skin disorders
10. Clears up candida and yeast infections
11. Helps in cell regeneration

Kombucha tea recipe:

• 1 Cup Organic Sugar
• 4-6 Teabags (Organic Green, Black or White)
• Kombucha Starter Culture ~ SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)
• 1 Cup starter liquid (from another Kombucha tea)
• Brewing glass jar
• Cloth cover
• Rubber band

How to make it

– Heat 4 cups of water
– Turn the water off, and add tea bags (let it steep for 10-20 minutes)
– Leave the tea to chill totally
– After that, put in jar
– Pour in starter fluid and SCOBY
– Protect it with cloth and secure with an elastic band
– Leave it on a dark place
– Keep it for 7 days
– After the seventh day try your kombucha with a straw or spoon. If its taste is too sharp, it has fermented too long. If it is too sweet put material and the elastic band back on and let it stay for a couple of more days testing it often until it tastes to your desire.
– Drink this tea as you want
– Put it in the fridge immediately or top off smaller containers and store for second brewing for more effervescent.

Other uses:

  • You can season you Kombucha with natural frozen or new organic product, honey, ginger, or herbs for example, lavender or rose.
  • If you have difficulty to find a SCOBY, you can make your own by utilizing some of a bottle of effectively fermented Kombucha and blend it with some tea and sugar. A SCOBY will frame at the top.
  • In the event that you cannot obtain any Kombucha, you can simply leave tea and sugar to brew, it takes a while yet a SCOBY will shape at the top.

Source: Health Tips Portal

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