This Is Why Japanese Women Are Rarely Overweight and Live the Longest! An Amazing Secret Revealed!

You have probably heard that Japanese women are the women who live the longest in the whole wide world. Well, according to some statistics, the average lifespan of a Japanese woman is 84. Also, they seem to look younger than a lot of other women from other places in the world. Actually, in the past it was believed that the women in Japan had a secret elixir which helped them to look young and vital even at an older age. Eventually, the secret was revealed, and that so-called elixir was their healthy lifestyle!

The Secret of Japanese Women Revealed

In the book titled Japanese Women Do Not Get Old or Fat written by Naomi Moriyama is said that Japanese women look young mainly due to their diet. Apparently, Japanese cuisine consists of foods that prevent premature aging, certain health problems and obesity.

The Diet of Japanese Women

Japanese women eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, rice, organic soy and seaweed. Also, every Japanese family consumes green tea regularly. What is more, Japanese prefer to eat homemade meals most of the time. They consume soups, fruits, grilled fish, rice, cooked vegetables, and drink a lot of green tea of course. Moreover, they include a lot of fish in their diets, actually, they eat around 10% of all the fish in the world.

According to Moriyama, the people in Japan have been taught to eat healthy even from a young age. Therefore, they are taught to respect the meal in front of them, thus, they eat slowly and enjoy the food. Speaking about their portions, they like to eat less and once. Also, their food is steam-cooked or grilled most of the time and the most important meal of the day is breakfast and it can be some soup, fish, tofu, omelet, seaweed, rice, garlic and green tea.

What About Sweets?

Japanese women do consume sweets, however, they do this in small quantities. They know that if they consume sugary foods like creams, cake and chocolates a lot, it will be bad for their overall health.

What About Bread?

Instead of eating bread as a side dish, Japanese avoid it and eat rice instead.

The Importance of Exercise

A part of their daily routine is exercise too. The entire culture of Japan goes hiking, bike riding, and walking, according to Moriyama.

All of these things combined together are the ‘secret’ to the fitness of Japanese women and Japanese people in general. Therefore, if you apply all these things in your daily life, you will look and be healthy and youthful as Japanese people as well.

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