Get Younger Skin In Only 12 Days

In this article, we would like to present the so called “spoon massage”. It is very simple, you can easily practice it at home and the results are amazing.  This massage will tighten your skin, returning its youthful elasticity, decrease visibility of wrinkles and better the blood circulation. What’s best, it is completely free, and, if practiced every day, you will see the results as early as ten to twelve days. So, let’s take a look at the recipe:


A teaspoon

A cup of cold water

Several ice cubes

Small bowl with warm oil (olive, sunflower, linseed)


Apply a hydrating cream after you’ve cleaned your face. Disinfect the spoons with alcohol and put them in a glass of water with ice cubes. Put the cooled tablespoons on the upper lids of your eyes and hold them there for a few seconds. Repeat the procedure five times.

Repeat the cooling, then do the same, but, this time, for your lower lids. When finished, leave the spoons in the heated oil for a short time and begin the facial massage.

Press the spoons and massage your facial lines. The basic facial lines are at the forefront of the upper part of the nose to the hairline and temples. Circularly move on the eyelids, from the inner corner and back again, on the cheeks and the nose from the nostrils to the temples, from the chin to the temples, and from the neck’s inception to the chin.

Repeat each of the described movements ten times and whenever the teaspoon loses its lubricity, use more oil. After the massage, rinse your face with warm water.

As for duration, you should begin with 1 to 2 minutes, then gradually add a minute daily. On the tenth day, the massage should last for 10 minutes.


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