Effective Rosemary Remedy for Coughing out Phlegm

This article will provide you with a simple recipe that will help you with coughing out phlegm. The ingredients you shall need are:

  • Three sticks of rosemary
  • Three lemons
  • 250 g of sugar
  • 1 l of water
  • A spoon of salt
  • A spoon of baking soda


The method of preparation:

Carefully wash the lemons and soak them in water, together with one spoon of salt and one spoon of baking soda. Leave the mixture for one day. Then wash them again with water, cut them to pieces and put them in a bowl containing 1 l of water. Add rosemary, then boil the mixture. Afterwards, lower the flame to moderate and let it boil for some time.Strain the mixture, add sugar and boil again in order to melt the sugar. After finishing the procedure, put the mixture in a glass jar. Consume one spoon of it, three times a day, before a meal. It will help you with your cough and improve the immunity system.

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