Colgate Toothpaste Has A Chemical That Causes Cancer

Everyone knows this brand of toothpaste. And many if almost all, use it.

But a study has proved that there is one chemical in this paste that leads to some cancers. This is called Triclosan and even speeds cancer growth.

The Chemical Research in Toxicology journal published something that stated how that chemical increases the number of cancer cells. In the past few years, many studies explored this item too.

The Triclosan goes under the skin and impairs hormone work and endocrine gland work too. And also the study of Environmental Health Perspectives 2008 claimed that this chemical was seen in the urine of test people, 75% and of them 2.517 were elder people.

A lot of detergents to have this, and hand sanitizers and cleaners, but deodorants too!


It is dangerous when it goes into the skin and even in the blood. It changes the hormones completely.

But, also a lot of studies claimed this and yet Colgate is still the most famous paste in the world. Just Canada forbade the Triclosan item.

Our country says nothing on this matter and banning is not mentioned yet. It was the same with the case of asbestos DT and PCB.

So in general, we must read labels and use such information the next time we go market shopping. Consider other brands.


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