Chinese Garlic: Chemical-Loaded Bomb! Here’s How To Recognize It

A large part of the garlic sold on markets worldwide, that is nearly 80%, is with Chinese origin. Last year, the USA reported 138 million pounds of imported garlic from China. Moreover, people usually think it was cultivated in California, but it is actually from China. Additionally, the labels on the Chinese garlic like ‘organic’ mustn’t be trusted.

Why is Chinese garlic bad?

Chinese garlic is not good for consumption as it is filled with bleach and numerous chemicals used for prevention of sprouting, more whiteness, and to kill insects. What’s more, this garlic is cultivated in untreated sewage and the effectiveness of the methyl bromide fumigation processes isn’t clear.

This toxic substance is sprayed onto garlic to keep away bugs. However, this substance can lead to serious health issues like damage of the respiratory and central nervous systems, and even death.

Additionally, lead and sulfates are also found in Chinese garlic. Hence, this garlic is often treated with ground inhibitors left in cold temperatures or exposed to over-storage. During over-storage, Allicin, the best compound of garlic, decreases. In order to recognize whether the garlic you are about to buy is with Chinese or Californian origin, follow these recommendations:

  • American garlic has some of the roots left on its bottom
  • American garlic weighs more than the imported one
  • American garlic has a more distinguishable flavor than the Chinese



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