Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Winter and the low temperatures are here and our immune system has to be prepared to fight the cold and flu. To help you with that, I have a delicious tea recipe for boosting your immune system. The herbs contained in this tea recipe have lots of benefits which help boost your immunity.

Boosting our immune system prevents us from getting sick. It is always better to prevent flu and cold than to have to deal with all their symptoms. This is why, during the cold season, I have at least one cup per day of an immune boosting tea.

In case you are already fighting a cold, you can check one of my older posts on how to fight sore throat with tea. You will find there many unexpected teas that will help you ease your symptoms.

Getting back to our immunity booster tea mix, it is very easy to make when you already have the plants ready to combine and mix.

This herbal tea recipe has a sour taste with a hint of lavender and all the benefits of all the ingredients. You can add a bit of honey if the taste is too sour for you and to add extra antioxidants to your cup of tea.

Each of the ingredients has anti-inflammatory properties and it is rich in minerals. Enjoy this ruby-red drink with a calming lavender flavor.

Tea Recipe For Boosting Your Immune System


·       1 teaspoon hibiscus
·       1/2 teaspoon lavender (you can change the quantity depending on how strong you prefer the taste)
·       1 teaspoon rooibos
·       water

How to prepare

Step 1

Put all the dry ingredients in a strainer. Make sure to mix them well before, to give a nice and even taste. You can prepare a bigger batch to have it on hand whenever you want to have a warm cup of immunity boosting tea.

Step 2

Prepare the boiling water.

Step 3

Pour the hot water over the mix of tea leaves and let them steep for 5-8 minutes.


Put a plate on top of the teacup, to preserve the essential oils and to increase the health benefits of the tea.

Step 4

Your cup of tea is ready now; enjoy your freshly brewed tea!



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