Better Your Posture and Lose Weight without Starving: You Just Need to Lie Down in This Way!

People who struggle with surplus pounds often wish there was a magical way to reduce their weight. However, experts claim that this is impossible and that weight loss is a process that depends on numerous factors. Nevertheless, Dr. Fukutsudzi, a Japanese physician, has helped women lose weight in the quickest way possible without any significant changes in their lifestyles.

For the past 10 years, he’s been helping people lose weight without following any strict diet regimes, exhausting workouts, or spending too much money. His book has been sold in six million copies in Asia. In it, he explains that there is no need of specific foods to lose weight in a short period of time.

He goes on to explain that you just need a big towel, a ribbon to fasten the towel in a roll, and a flat surface where you can lie down. It’s important to mention that Dr. Fukutsudzi is an expert in pelvic bone problems, so he found out that the main reason for abdominal fat is the variance of the pelvic bones and subcostal bone.

When he associated these two problems, he came up with a method which can help everyone get rid of the unwanted belly fat.  So, if you struggle with surplus weight, take a look at the following procedure:

  • Roll the towel and fasten it in a roll with the help of a ribbon. Next, sit on the floor and put the towel under your back, in level with your navel. The towel needs to be a little bit wider than the width of your back.
  • Next, lie down and spread the legs at shoulder width and lean the legs so that the big toes touch. Then, extend the arms over the head and turn the palms down so that the two small fingers touch. If you’re unable to reach the end of your hand, reach out as far as you can at the beginning, but you need the big toes to touch.
  • Lie down in this position for 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure three times per day.

Even though this method might seem simple at first, the position is not the comfiest. In the beginning, you might experience discomfort and pain due to the bones returning to their natural position.

If the process is unbearable to you, begin with sessions of minute or two and gradually increase the time until you reach the needed 5 minutes.  While lying down, it’s important to avoid sudden movements as the bones and ankles are inflexible.

When you change the position of the towel, you might change the aim of the exercise. Hence, if you put the towel under your chest, you’ll aid the lifting of the chest. Always consult your physician before trying out the method in case you’re suffering for spine or bone ailment.


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