The Amazing Results Of Eating Two Bananas A Day

There are many benefits that arise from a simple change of eating habits. Sometimes, adding or avoiding certain types of food can be very helpful for our health and general state of mind, mood or energy level. In this article, we will discuss the positive results coming from adding bananas to your diet. Bananas are generally held in high esteem when it comes to their contribution to our well-being. Even those with black spots that people tend to avoid, believing them to be rotten, are, in fact, excellent for your health, since they contain tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which is the greatest fighter against the production of abnormal body cells. The span of bananas’ efficiency when it comes to health is truly impressive and these are some of the issues it can help you with:


Heart and pressure issues

Eating bananas helps relieving you from acid reflux  and heartburn. It  also lowers the levels of high blood pressure, making bananas perfect for people with heart problems.



Being rich in iron, bananas are highly recommendable for people who suffer from anemia.


Depression and mood changes

If you have problems with depression or frequent mood switches, which is very common nowadays, you should try adding bananas to your diet and see how they help you regulate your mental balance.


Successful energy provider and PMS symptoms reliever

Bananas are excellent energy and stamina providers, helping you feel fresh, strong and ready for facing  any daily challenge. They will also decrease stress and PMS symptoms.


Body temperature

Bananas can help control and maintain the temperature of the body, which can be particularly useful during the hot summer period.



People with stomach ulcer problems have to stick to strict diet schedule and avoid certain food types. Consuming bananas is very beneficial for this types of problems, and will surely not result in ache.


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